2012-13 Saint Michael's College Women's Tennis
09/22-23/12 -- ITA East Regional Championship

ITA East Regional Championship
09/22-23/12 at Philadelphia, Pa. (Legacy Youth Tennis and Education Center)

Singles competition
A Singles
1st  Daniela Celi (Queens (N.Y.) College) def. Emily Magee (Saint Michael's College) 7-6 (8-6), 6-2
B Singles
1st  Morgan Oechsle (Chestnut Hill College) def. Alexandra Sulkin (Saint Michael's College) 8-1
1st  Analise Kump (Stonehill College) def. Caroline Martin (Saint Michael's College) 8-2
1st  Hannah Benoit (Saint Michael's College) def. Gabriela Chaves (Goldey-Beacom College) 8-5
2nd  Kirsti Toegemann (Stonehill College) def. Jean-Marie McGrath (Saint Michael's College) 8-4
2nd  Caroline Toutoungi (Saint Michael's College) def. Gabrielle DiCroce (Molloy College) 8-5
2nd  Dina Obukhova (Roberts Wesleyan College) def. Alex Dalton (Saint Michael's College) 8-3
2nd  Camilla Xavier (Concordia (N.Y.) College) def. Erica Bundrick (Saint Michael's College) 8-2
2nd  Hannah Benoit (Saint Michael's College) def. Brittani Hetyei (Bentley University) 8-3
3rd  Hannah Benoit (Saint Michael's College) def. Steicy Castro (Holy Family University) 8-2
3rd  Morgan Oechsle (Chestnut Hill College) def. Caroline Toutoungi (Saint Michael's College) 8-2
4th  Hannah Benoit (Saint Michael's College) def. Kirsten Jean (Southern New Hampshire) 8-3
QF  Clara Catanzano (Concordia (N.Y.) College) def. Hannah Benoit (Saint Michael's College) 8-3

Doubles competition
A Doubles
1st  Emily Magee/Jean-Marie McGrath (Saint Michael's College) def. Gaby Rodriguez/Valeria Savina (NYIT) 9-8 (7-0)
2nd  Jennifer Fridman/Erika Goldsmith (Queens (N.Y.) College) def. Emily Magee/Jean-Marie McGrath (Saint Michael's College) 8-1
B Doubles
1st  Caroline Martin/Caroline Toutoungi (Saint Michael's College) def. Vanessa Flores/Heather Jensen (Georgian Court University) 8-2
1st  Gaby Adia/Joanna Haich (Adelphi University) def. Erica Bundrick/Alexandra Sulkin (Saint Michael's College) 8-3
2nd  Kaylee Fennern/Elizabeth Verbits (Philadelphia University) def. Hannah Benoit/Kayla Dowd (Saint Michael's College) 8-5
2nd  Magill Kurts/Sayre Limburg (Philadelphia University) def. Caroline Martin/Caroline Toutoungi (Saint Michael's College) 8-5

Tournament Notes
Hosted by Chestnut Hill College, Holy Family University, Philadelphia University
and the University of the Sciences
Some matches played at Salaman Tennis Courts at Philadelphia University

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