SMC Athletic Hall of Fame Teammate Mark Mulvey's '97 Thoughts About Mark Fizulich

"What makes Fiz so incomparable to me was that I always knew what I had in him as both a teammate and friend. He was always the same guy to me. He never changed from the day that I met him. There was a unique level of comfort knowing Fiz was your friend and teammate because you knew it was unconditional and legitimate.

His success on the court speaks for itself. What will always stand out to me about playing with Fiz, however, was his competitiveness, confidence and commitment to winning. Regardless of how he, personally, was playing, there was never any doubt about his will to win. No one could ever question his effort or how hard he played. He was one of those guys who genuinely cared about one thing - winning. He also did not care what opposing teammates and coaches thought about him and he always had the confidence to take the big shot. With Fiz, you always knew that he would play as hard as he could and give you everything he had until the very end, no matter the score. He was the ultimate teammate.

Calling Fiz a friend meant that you always had someone to count on. He was never shy about giving you his opinion, whether you liked it or not. But the one thing about him was that he would tell it to you straight and be very matter-of-fact about it. He would never tell you what you wanted to hear, rather what he felt you needed or should hear for your own best interest. He was incredibly loyal and was unwavering in his commitment to those close to him. If you were a friend to Fiz, then you'll forever understand the true meaning of the word 'friendship'.

As a friend or teammate of Fiz, you were never shortchanged. He always gave you what he had with his own unique style and personality. He had a special effort and energy in the way that he lived his life. Those people and places that he touched are better for having had Fiz as part of their life."