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Student-Athlete Team Dates Notes
Elena Bilodeau '14
Women's Cross Country 2011-12 School Year
Year abroad in Rwanda
Nicole Buckley '14 Women's Lacrosse May-July 2014 Part of India Service Trip
Makenzie Burud '16 Women's Basketball May-July 2014 Study abroad in Australia
Brian Devilly '16 Men's Lacrosse May-June 2015 Part of India Service Trip
Billy Farrell '17 Men's Lacrosse Sept. 2015-Now Study abroad in Turks and Caicos
John Goodwin '12 Men's Golf 2011-12 School Year Official NE-10 Blogger
Gabbi Hall '13 Women's Alpine Skiing Sept. 2009-June 2013
Official SMC Blogger
Peter Hanson '12 Men's Lacrosse May 2012-June 2012
Post-Grad Player/Coach
Emma Hauser '13 Women's Swimming & Diving Spring 2012 Study abroad in Tanzania
Katlyn Keane '13 Women's Nordic Skiing 2011-12 School Year Study abroad in Ecuador and Chile
Kaytlyn Kelley '12 Women's Swimming & Diving 2011-12 School Year Official NE-10 Blogger
Torin La Liberte '17 Men's Cross Country/Nordic Skiing Sept. 2011-Now Official SMC Blogger
Jenna Maksian '16 Softball Aug.-Dec. 2014 Study abroad in Rome
Sam Martell '12 Women's Nordic Skiing April 2010-May 2012
Hillary Miller '15 Women's Volleyball Jan. 2014-May 2014
Study abroad in Brazil, Vietnam and South Africa
Sarah Murray '15 Softball Oct. 2012-May 2013
Official NE-10 Blogger
Sarah Murray '15 Softball July 2011-Nov. 2012
Lindsay Phenix '14 Women's Volleyball June 2013-July 2013  
Julie Shea '16 Women's Swimming & Diving Oct. 2014-Now Official SMC Blogger
Kaly Spilhaus '16 Women's Ice Hockey May-July 2014 Part of Guyana Service Trip
Team Men's Ice Hockey Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016 Europe Trip Blog
Team Nordic Skiing
Nov. 2010-Feb. 2012, Dec. 2013-Now
Team Women's Tennis
March 2009-April 2011  
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