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What is SAAC?
The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a student-led group consisting of members from each of our 21 varsity sports, including an executive board. Saint Michael’s SAAC has four main focuses, including: NCAA Legislation, Community Service, Campus Engagement and Leadership. Through each of these four themes, SAAC has a commitment to both the Saint Michael’s and surrounding communities, but also to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The group meets monthly and discusses the student-athlete experience, NCAA legislative proposals, and also plans and implements fundraisers and activities for the campus and local community. Saint Michael’s SAAC is committed to enhancing the student-athlete experience through the voice of student-athletes as well as using this platform to engage the local and campus communities.

Our SAAC Division II Mission Statement
To enhance the overall student-athlete experience by giving opportunities to student-athletes, protecting student-athlete welfare, and creating and fostering a united and positive student-athlete image.

Division II SAAC Guiding Principles
The Division II SAAC will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity, fairness and respect for diversity, which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity and sport.

Governing Rule
We, as the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, will ultimately hold one another accountable for all actions, particularly those actions taking place during the SAAC meetings.

Social Media
The SMC SAAC is on Facebook and Twitter. "Like" and follow us to see what we're up to.

2016-17 SMC SAAC Executive Board 

Taylor Wallace, Senior, President

Majors: Economics and business administration
Men's Lacrosse

Being in SAAC has given me the opportunity to create events, launch fundraisers, and get people excited to be a part of the Saint Michael's Athletic community. Getting a chance to have a direct impact on Special Olympics and forming relationships with those athletes has been an inspiring experience. While working with this advisory committee, we are always looking for new ways to raise money and get our student-athletes involved.

Meggane Grand, Junior, Vice President

Majors: Political science and economics
Sport: Alpine Skiing

Being part of SAAC is, to me, the chance to get the student-athletes' voices out, and use that voice to make a difference. I think we have important things to say, and it reflects in our everyday actions. Being able to fundraise for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and help at Special Olympics events is something that we, as a group, really care about and love doing, and I could not be more excited to be part of such a great journey.

Amanda Donahoe, Junior, Secretary

Major: Psychology
Sport: Women's Ice Hockey


Leah Seften, Junior, Secretary (Spring 2017 Study Abroad)

Major: Neuroscience
Sport: Women's Cross Country

Joining the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was an opportunity for me to meet other athletes, get more involved on our campus, and volunteer in the Vermont community. It has been inspiring to work alongside the other SAAC members this past year. Whether it be through Special Olympics, Woodside, Make-A-Wish Vermont or Hope Happens Here, our athletes are passionate about serving our community and supporting the student-athletes at Saint Mike's. The committee is always open to new ideas and strives to make the greatest impact possible. I have been grateful for the experience to have been a part of SAAC this past year and look forward to another year of service, friendship, and leadership with the committee. 

Tucker Buteau, Sophomore, Social Media Coordinator

Major: English
Sport: Men's Golf

The reason I wanted to join SAAC was to get involved. Before I had come to Saint Michael's, I had been referred to SAAC by a mother of a close friend who helped run SAAC at the University of Southern Maine; little did I know that this would help pave the way for my future in SAAC. It allows athletes to go above and beyond and to really make an impact on the things in life that really matter. As Saint Michael's athletes, we are part of a larger community and just want to do all we can to make it the best possible place.

Lance Reynolds, Sophomore, Media Relations Coordinator

Major: Media studies, journalism & digital arts
Sport: Men's Cross Country

Being an active part of SAAC is such a rewarding experience because it lets me have the opportunity to represent one of the most unique aspects of the St. Mike's community. Student-athletes here really define student-athlete to its fullest, as we not only put time and effort into our sports, but we also excel in the classroom. To go along with those responsibilities, we also think about the greater good of the community. With SAAC, we are given an outlet to voice our thoughts on how we can share our passion of serving the community within the community. Through Special Olympics, Woodside, Make-A-Wish and Hope Happens Here, it is clear that we are passionate of touching the hearts of those around us.


Steven Auger '17, Dan Flynn '19
Men’s Basketball
Matt Bonds '17, Jordan Guzman '20
Women’s Basketball
Maddy Bennett '18, Emily Ferreri '19
Men’s Cross Country
Cody Boissoneault '17, Lance Reynolds '19
Women’s Cross Country
Alison Bourgeois '17, Kristine McLarney '17, Leah Seften '18
Field Hockey
Kimberly MacPhail '17, Jenna Deschaine '18, Katie Leonard '19
Men's Golf
Tucker Buteau '19, David Boardman '19
Men’s Ice Hockey
Danny Divis '17, Caleb Lothian '17, Justin McKenzie '17, Colin Biebel '19
Women’s Ice Hockey
Tina Frasca '17, Amanda Donahoe '18, Nicole Talcott '19
Men’s Lacrosse
Taylor Wallace '17, Jake Sonberg '18, Matt Cotter '19
Women’s Lacrosse
Grace Gunning '17, Paige MacKinnon '17, Annie Martin '19
Alpine Skiing
Molly Carolan '18, Meggane Grand '18, Molly Van Deursen '18, Tristan McInnis '19
Nordic Skiing
Torin La Liberte '17, Emma Barnes '18, Micaela Flagg '18
Men’s Soccer
Daniel du Feu '18, Peter Kendall '18
Women’s Soccer
Nicole DeOrsey '18, Andie Devaney '18, Emily Durette '19
Danielle Barbato '17, Caroline Staples '17, Anna Meusel '19
Men’s Swimming & Diving
Sean Glasheen '17, Seamus Butler '19
Women’s Swimming & Diving
Cymantha Rogers '17, Elizabeth Doherty '19
Men’s Tennis
Ben Lambert '17, Forrest Owen '17
Women’s Tennis
Riley Kruger '17, Amelia Weeks '18
Women's Volleyball
Megan Mulvaney '17, Sarah Rodgers '19
Student Association
Jake Myers '19

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