2016-17 Faculty Affiliates

Team(s) Phone Email
George Ashline full bio George Ashline Team(s): Men's Basketball Department: Mathematics Phone: 2434 Email: gashline@smcvt.edu
Maya Bhave full bio Maya Bhave Team(s): Women's Soccer Department: Sociology and Anthropology Phone: 2526 Email: mbhave@smcvt.edu
James Byrne full bio James Byrne Team(s): Men's Soccer Department: Religious Studies Phone: 2759 Email: jbyrne@smcvt.edu
Rev. Brian Cummings '86, S.S.E. full bio Rev. Brian Cummings '86, S.S.E. Team(s): Baseball Department: Campus Ministry Phone: 2476 Email: bcummings@smcvt.edu
Bret Findley full bio Bret Findley Team(s): Men's and Women's Tennis Department: Chemistry and Physics Phone: 2218 Email: bfindley@smcvt.edu
Traci Griffith full bio Traci Griffith Team(s): Softball Department: Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts Phone: 2692 Email: tgriffith@smcvt.edu
Dave Landers full bio Dave Landers Team(s): Alpine Skiing, Men's Golf, Men's Ice Hockey Department: Psychology Phone: 2817 Email: dlanders@smcvt.edu
Robert Letovsky full bio Robert Letovsky Team(s): Men's Cross Country Department: Psychology Phone: 2477 Email: rletovsky@smcvt.edu
Mark Lubkowitz full bio Mark Lubkowitz Team(s): Nordic Skiing Department: Biology Phone: 2695 Email: mlubkowitz@smcvt.edu
Paul Olsen full bio Paul Olsen Team(s): Men's Ice Hockey Department: Business Administration Phone: 2661 Email: polsen@smcvt.edu
Ray Patterson full bio Ray Patterson Team(s): Field Hockey, Women's Basketball, Women's Lacrosse Department: Religious Studies Phone: 2427 Email: rpatterson@smcvt.edu
Patrick Standen full bio Patrick Standen Team(s): Men's Ice Hockey Department: Philosophy Phone: 2407 Email: pstanden@smcvt.edu
Jerry Swope full bio Jerry Swope Team(s): Men's Lacrosse Department: Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts Phone: 2469 Email: jswope@smcvt.edu
Melissa Tomasulo full bio Melissa Tomasulo Team(s): Women's Ice Hockey Department: Neuroscience and Psychology Phone: 2921 Email: mvanderkaay@smcvt.edu
Jeffrey Trumbower full bio Jeffrey Trumbower Team(s): Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving Department: Religious Studies Phone: 2898 Email: jtrumbower@smcvt.edu
Joan Wry '79 full bio Joan Wry '79 Team(s): Women's Cross Country Department: English Phone: 2891 Email: jwry@smcvt.edu
${bio.get('first_name')} TBA full bio - TBA Team(s): Women's Volleyball Department:   Phone:   Email: