Saint Michael's Athletic Communications

Josh Kessler '04
Director of Athletic Communications
Eric Gissendanner
Athletic Communications Intern
One Winooski Park, Box 258
Colchester, VT 05439
Athletic Department Fax: 802.654.2497

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Fall Sports | Pronunciations
Cross Country 9.3.15
Word   Results
Field Hockey 8.27.15
Word SRO Stats
Men's Golf 1.8.16
Word   Results
Men's Soccer 10.26.15
Word SRO Stats
Women's Soccer 8.27.15
Word SRO Stats
Women's Tennis 8.31.15
Word XTR Stats
Women's Volleyball  9.4.15
Word VRO Stats
Winter Sports | Pronunciations
Men's Basketball  1.8.16 Word BRO Stats
Women's Basketball  11.20.15 Word BRO Stats
Men's Ice Hockey  1.27.16
Word HRO Stats
Women's Ice Hockey  10.22.15
Word HRO Stats
Skiing 1.8.16
Swimming & Diving 


Word   Event Wins
Spring Sports | Pronunciations
Baseball 4.25.16 Word TRO, TRX Stats
Men's Lacrosse  3.2.16
Word CRO Stats
Women's Lacrosse  4.18.16
Word CRO Stats
Softball  2.24.16
Word TRO, TRX Stats
Men's Tennis 2.24.16
Word XTR Stats


Women's Basketball

Shannon Kynoch (KY - nock) [head coach]

Andrea Lozeau (LO - zo) [assistant coach]

#10 Tomi (TOE - me) Akinpetide (ack - in - PET - ee - day)

#22 Megan Gaudreau (GUD - dro)

#31 Emily Ferreri (FERRARI)

#33 Indira (in - DEER - ruh) Evora (ee - VOR - ruh)

#35 Makenzie (MACKENZIE) Burud (boor - ROOD)

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